Sensitization Seminar

A Sensitization Seminar will take place in the context of this project to raise the awareness of the SMEs in the selected sectors about the importance of adopting EQMS to improve their export performances. The seminar will show the benefits to exports from the use of EQMS, the main advantages of the ISO 9001:2015 certification for export-oriented SMEs, and the opportunities that the TBT-CLSCE project provides to Ghana SMEs. The importance of quality awards as a tool to improve the quality of Ghanaian exports shall also receive attention during the seminar. The quality specialists that the project has just trained on EQMS and ISO 9001:2015 shall talk about their experience and, under the teachers’ guidance, explain to the attending SMEs how the certification process shall help the Ghanaian exports.

List of Participants coming soon.


The adoption of EQMS is a strategic tool to compete in the international markets.


A maximum of 50 participants, representing selected SMEs and national key trade and export stakeholders. Attendance by invitation only.


8th of October 2015