Supply side constraints in the ability of the private sector in Ghana to meet export requirements such as conformity to standards and technical regulations of Ghana’s trading partners is seen as a limiting factor in trade expansion.

The Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence (CLSCE) has identified the need for Export Quality Management Systems (EQMS) implementation and certification, particularly in supply chain management and non-traditional export sectors, as a critical area for capacity development. As such, the CLSCE has identified the following sectors for assistance under this project:

  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport; and
  • Manufacturing, in particular, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber, garments and textile sectors.
  • Aluminum and food to be considered at the project inception phase meeting.

The project Terms of Reference has mapped out a two-pronged approach which entails capacity development in EQMS by:

  • Training of trainers and consultants in EQMS ; and
  • Provision of training to Quality Managers in Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and assistance and direct consulting to selected companies in the above sectors with implementation of relevant management systems with the objective of achieving certification.

The project will be conducted under the oversight of a Steering Committee which will ensure coordination with other activities being carried out in Ghana and in particular with the capacity development activities of Trade Related Assistance and Quality Enabling (Traque) programme which focuses on National Quality Infrastructure development of public institutions related to standards, metrology, accreditation, conformity assessment and technical regulations.

In addition to training trainers (Service-Providers) in EQMS, the Terms of Reference emphasized an additional objective of creating awareness for the initiation of a National Quality Award System based on the potential and readiness of companies to apply Business Excellence Models such as Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Awards, European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Awards, and the Japanese Models.