Contracting Authority:

The ACP EU TBT Programme is a 15 million euro trade related technical assistance programme funded by the 10th European Development Fund and implemented, on behalf of the ACP Secretariat, by the Brussels-based TBT Programme Management Unit. The Programme was launched in March 2013 and will run until July 2017. The ACP EU TBT Programme is DEMAND-DRIVEN and as such ACP countries and ACP Regional Quality and Regulatory Infrastructure Institutions are encouraged to play an active role in the implementation in order to maximize the programme’s relevance and impact. The Programme will tackle TBT issues in ACP countries and regions by providing training, strengthening Quality and Regulatory Infrastructure, which has a key role to play in the implementation and enforcement of TBT agreements, and also addressing compliance issues of productive sectors.

The Programme will focus its intervention in the following three areas:

  1. Upgrading and Strengthening Quality Infrastructure Institutions
  2. Empowering Economic Operators in priority export sectors
  3. Disseminating  Results, Good Practices and Experiences


The Project Beneficiary is the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence (CLSCE) in Ghana. The Centre is a logistics and supply chain educational, research and advocacy not-for-profit organization committed to the promotion and development of logistics and supply chain excellence including quality management in Ghana.

Local Collaborators:

The Project Local Collaborators are made up of the following institutions:

  1. Ministry of Trade and Industries (MOTI)
  2. Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA)
  3. National Board for Small-Scale Industries (NBSSI)
  4. Trade Related Assistance and Quality Enabling Programme (TRAQUE)